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Sunday Morning w/ Boston Manor 6/25/19 - The Webster © Aly Grossman


From the oxymoron in the band’s name to the sounds, styles and culture that inspired it, Sunday Morning continues to deliver with precision and unpredictability on each musical release. 


The four cylinder engine (Dom Barone, Wes Benjunas, Parker Dumont and Erik Stanzel) feels more like a Mustang’s V8 driving your shoulders into the seat while toeing the fine line of a speeding ticket and serious jail time. 


Following 2018’s EP “In All Honesty” the Emo/Post-Hardcore band from Durham, Conn. migrated from its initial Pop Punk feel to a more fitting sound upon arrival of guitarist Dom Barone. Back to back singles “Ailment” and “Elon Musk” capped off 2019 and cemented the band’s new identity.


Once again teaming up with Long Island’s Vudu Studios, Sunday Morning released its 2020 EP “Nothing Matters.” 


“This EP is the most honest and thoughtful work we’ve ever created. It is a true representation of self-realization and self-discovery both instrumentally and lyrically.” -Wes Benjunas


Inspired by everything from the title to the sound of early 2000’s Emo Punk, “She Took Ecstasy In Paris and She’s Never Been the Same” welcomes the listener to the EP with a vibey bridge, high energy and a melodic sing-along chorus. 


The diminished sounding verses to the roaring choruses on “House 34” thoroughly make use of the versatility of the band while “Burn it Down” follows with vulnerability and alluring harmonies, conceptually inspired by 1931’s Hollywood film “Frankenstein”.


Dumont delivers a staccato bass line that drives track four’s dynamic “Treehouse.” Clean tones to heavy distortions provide unmitigated contrast while Benjunas’ introspective lyrics on “Run for Cover” matched with Stanzel’s groovy take on modern rock beats make for an outro that gives each listener the closure desired when playing any musical project from front to back, making a case for the band’s most polished song to date in its discography. ~ Kevin Crompton


Notable Shows Played:

  • 12.17.18 - w/ Future Teens, Save Face, and A Will Away

  • 02.14.19 - w/ Small Talks, Save Face, Homesafe, and Can't Swim

  • 06.25.19 - w/ Boston Manor

  • 09.05.19 - w/ Many Rooms, All Get Out, and As Cities Burn 

  • 12.03.19 - w/ Keep Flying, Young Culture, Kayak Jones, and Homesafe

  • 12.20.19 - w/ Boston Manor, Microwave, and Heart Attack Man

  • 05.18.22 - w/ The Plot in You and Can't Swim

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